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A first class chemical intermediate manufacturer whose products are widely use for Pharmaceuticals, Dyes, Pesticides, Organic Synthetic Intermediates, Rubber, Solvent of Synthetic Resin.

Such as Para Chloro Toluene and its downstream derivatives like Para Chloro Benzyl Chloride, Para Chloro Benzyl Methanol,  Para Cyano Benzyl Chloride, Para Chloro Benzyl Aldehyde, Para Chloro Benzyl Acid, 4 Chloro Benzoyl Chloride, 2,4 Di Chloro Toluene, 3,4 Di Chloro Toluene, 2,4 Di Chloro Benzyl Aldehyde, Fenvalerate, Bactericide. It is also a new  Intermediate of Ketone Polymer which can produces Ortho Chloro Benzyl Chloride, Ortho Chloro Benzyl Aldehyde, Ortho Chloro Benzyl Acid, Ortho Chloro Benzyl Nitrile, Ortho Chloro Benzoyl Chloride.

Maleic Anhydride is mainly used for Polymers, InterPolymers, also an additive for Synthetic Resin, Coating, Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals, food products and lubricants.2,4 Di Chloro Toluene is used as solvent and for Pharmaceuticals and Organic Synthesis.Ortho Chloro Benzyl Aldehyde is widely used for Dyes, Electroplate, Pesticides and Pharmaceuticals.

For detail applications and characteristics of our products, you may check through internet websites. Please contact us if you have doubts or you may leave messages. We shall be replying to you as soon as possible. We appreciate very much for your interest and purchase of products.

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